What Do Men Want in a Relationship These-days ?

What do men really want in a relationship thesedays ?

Men generally speaking, want a woman that we can be ourselves around. Where we dont have to worry all the time about our partner flirting and fooling around with other men ( obviously).

But one of the keys to making men feel like they love the relationship theyre in, is to make them feel needed. Very often a man who doesnt feel needed by his lady will subconsiously look elsewhere, somewhere he can be of use. Its biological. The need to provide and take care of his partner and family is ingrained in most men.

So it makes sence for a woman who is trying to understand what men want in a relationship to flow  inline with this priciple.

One of the ways a woman can do this, is to stay in her feminene energy as much as possible. I dont mean to be submisive.. but nuture your man and let him protect you and he will feel needed.

And DONT say these 3 things