What Most Men Want in a Woman Revealed

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This question has surely come accross most womens minds mind at some point.

The great thing is that once you know how mens minds work, you can easily become more attractive and successful at attracting your ideal parter or getting the spark back in your relationship even if it feels all hope is lost.

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Traits men love in women

Understanding. Men fall in love faster and harder for women who are understanding to who they are and accept them for who they are. If you dont have the ability in regard to understanding the men you go out with, you will strugle to actually capture his heart. He may want to hook up with you, but what you really want is for him to love you…undestanding is key.


Men love women with confidence. The confidece to go after what they want, romanticaly and in all areas of live. If you lack confidence, great news…this can be worked on and improved over time. If you struggle with conversation and are a bit of a nervous nelly, practice on people who are paid to talk with you. For example, at department stores, supermarket etc This great way to get used to and feel more confident chatting to people. I then recommend you start chatting with as many people as you can. Your confidence will sky rocket.  As a result your success with your man or dating will drastically improve.

A Great sence of humor

A great sence of humor can take you a long way in a lot of areas in your life and it is something men love in women. I have a lot of friends and we chat about this often. Women we meet with a great sence of humor are highly attractive to us.

Taking pride in your apperance

Now this is a big one and also quite debatable. But, i think if we are not going to sugar coat things here, this trait in women wold be quite high on the list of most men. This doesnt mean you have to be a super model or even slim. Men will absolutely notice your efforts whether its in your style or the fact that you exercise… and in general care about your health and the way you look.



Huge one here. As soon as a man finds out you have decieved him, the chances of you capturing his heart fall dramaticaly. The same goes for women right ? you dont want to be with someone you cant trust…because without trust there simply cannot be true love.

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Being Direct

Not screwing around and getting to the point is something that men like to see in a woman. It shows she is not a game player  and might be wife material. This is something guys talk about alot. Is she wife material ?

Is she wife material

As stated above, guys talk about this all the time. It generally means is she all the traits ive listed above. But i think honesty and caring about their appearance are very high on the list. Sometimes ive seen women who are  having relationship problems simple join a gym and start caring again and BOOM their man is interested and starts to court them again.

There are some things you should just not say to your man. These effect him on a subconsious level and he may not be even aware as to why he feels a desire to withdraw from you.

Its imperative that you learn these things if your going to be successful in reatracting or getting the man of your dreams.

what men want in a woman